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Genius Tips to Quarantine From The Fridge

It’s 2020 and the new year decided to smack us all in the face with Covid-19. A lot of us are in lockdown mode and we don’t have a ton of things to do to distract us from the fridge.
With so much time on our hands, this quarantine can be pretty deadly when it comes to our diet. It can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and weight. That’s why it is more important than ever to discuss these 7 effortless ways to quarantine from the fridge.
If you’re anything like me, you love to snack. Visiting the fridge always feels so good!!
While comfort eating, eating out of boredom, and eating because of stress may feel good at the moment, your 2020 summer body will not thank you for those choices later on. Quarantine from the fridge, it’s one of the most important things you can do.
So, Inside Out Traveler is here to help. We have created a list of 7 things you can do to help stop the spread of reaching into the fridge one too many times during quarantine. This is the best quarantine from the fridge 101 guide!

Drink A Glass Of Water When A Craving Strikes!

Did you know most hunger that you feel in your belly is a signal that your body is thirsty? If you feel true hunger, you will actually start to feel it in your throat. So, when your belly is rumbling, grab a glass of water! Go ahead and drink it, the whole glass.
Some health experts do not recommend gulping water, so you can do tiny little sips if you’d like.
As for me, I can’t do the small sips thing. I apologize to those who advise against it, but I’d prefer to stop myself from eating an entire bag of chips as fast as possible. Priorities.
Then, give it twenty minutes. Go for a walk, go on Tiktok, or even visit Give yourself a little time and see how you feel.
Pro Tip** Do you hate boring water? Spice it up with lemon and lime. Even better, take a healthy sweetener of your choice and add it to the water to make it into a healthy lemonade. It may just calm your craving if it’s for something sweet. Your other option is a seltzer. All are a win. This is a sure-win way to quarantine from the fridge.

Have An Accountability Partner

I used to be in a program called Over Eaters Anonymous. Think of it as the geeky dance squad that was never as cool as the cheerleaders (Alcoholics Anonymous). I learned the following trick there.
If you are having a moment where you’d dying for a snack, have a friend you can call who’s on board with the same goal of no snacking and/or smart snacking.
You both can call each other in this time of need to remind each other of your long-term health goals and why you don’t want and/or need the snack. It’s great to have a friend who won’t think you’re crazy for saying “ Hey, can you walk me off the ledge from eating this pint of ice cream?”.
Now, you can have someone who supports you in your effort to quarantine from the fridge.

No Snacks In The House

Now, if you are single and live alone, this one is definitely easier. This is a trick to keep unhealthy snacks outside the house. If it’s not in your home, the effort to go get it will oftentimes keep me from taking the drive to go buy it.
Therefore, I end up not eating it. It may sound harsh, but you can’t eat what`s not there. The new rule you live by is that you eat junk food outside of the house only and/or you need to go get it if you are going to have it.
Toss the leftovers and/or buy single servings. F or me, I’ll eat a 10-pack of the single-serving snacks so I can only buy one at a time, but try out different styles to see what works best for you.
If you have a partner and they are not okay with only healthy food in the house, you can purchase containers that have lids that lock. Or, just ask them to hide it. You can also do a cabinet with a lock for your partner`s unhealthy food. It may sound crazy, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Make Junk Food An Inconvenience

The idea of having to actually make a snack takes effort and could discourage you from having it. By only having ingredients to make cookies from scratch (not dough in the fridge because let`s be honest, we will eat that with no shame of it not being cooked), it will force you to take the time to think about how bad you really want it.
If you are going to have cookies, you’ll have to earn it by making it. This is one of the best tricks in the book. It ends up so much easier to have an easy and quick apple to eat instead.


Now, this is another favorite trick of mine. Have healthy snacks on hand that are easy to access. Fruits, vegetables, and smoothie ingredients rank as some of my personal favorites. Even healthy microwaved popcorn works.
You can also make healthy snacks that pretend to be unhealthy. There are healthy pizza recipes, healthy cookie recipes, healthy cauliflower chicken wings, and more.
You could even consider making a quick smoothie. Try some great smoothie recipes here! Jump into Google and type whatever unhealthy item you are craving sandwiched between the words “healthy” and “recipe”. Example:“Healthy Cookie Recipe” , “Low cal cookie recipe” also works too.
Whatever you do, make the effort to minimize the damage if you are going to have a snack. This is a surefire way to quarantine from the fridge.

Have The Snack You Want!

Now, this whole article is about how to not have an unhealthy snack, but sometimes you just need to eat an unhealthy snack. Plain and simple. The more you tell me not to push the red button, the more I want to push the red button.
By not completely restricting yourself all of the time, you will find that you won’t obsess so hard. So, treat yourself once in a while. Do it mindfully though. Savor it. Remove other distractions when you eat it.
Also, consider getting a single serving size of the snack from a convenience store because it won’t obviously be at your house because of your new rule shared in #3. This also helps with handling the craving without going overboard.

Maximize The Food Volume

There’s a caveat here. It’s gotta be low cal. I’m not talking about the low cal packaged food though because those are usually unhealthy.
When you eat real/grown low cal food, you can eat a lot and not worry about killing your diet since it’s so low in calories. So, maybe it`s a huge smoothie or an extra big bowl of veggies. I like to keep seasoned frozen veggies on hand so I can quickly pop a bowl in the oven for a tasty treat.
Sometimes I will eat a huge bowl of berries and milk with a little sweetener. You can’t do this all the time because you can overeat if you’re doing this 5 times a day, but once in a while is more than okay.


Use these 7 hacks to help you stay fit, stay healthy, and prevent yourself from gaining the Corona 15. You can do it and we are here to support you. If you liked this article, please like and subscribe to our blog. We appreciate your support so very much!

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