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How To Enjoy Your Quarantine More

Learn How To shift Into a Healthier Mentality

3 Profound Tips To Enjoy Your Quarantine More

With so much time on our hands during Coronavirus, we can easily end up in a downward spiral of doubt, fear and sadness. What you give focus and attention to starts to take life. Whether it’s just in your mind or in a physical presence, you must be very conscious of what you are focusing on especially during quarantine. 

Ultimately, life is a result of your thought about it. I know it’s hard to not focus on very scary issues at hand and it’s important to stay informed, but you also need to find things to shift your focus toward to keep your body and mind from going into stress and freak out over drive. That’s why we wanted to share these 3 profound tips to enjoy your quarantine more. 

Have you ever considered the idea that you are creating the life you live simply through the way you see it? I don’t mean changing actual circumstances. I mean the way you experience things based on whatever your circumstances are. Have you ever considered changing the lens on your glasses to rose colored? 

Changing your lens to rose colored means seeing the best (as much as you can) based on the situations you are dealt. Seeing the world through rose colored glasses is such a powerful exercise because when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. The perspective you have on all the things you experience will completely change the experience. Here are our 3 profound tips to enjoy your quarantine more:

1. See Everything As If It’s Brand New

Go around your house or go outside and try to look at things as if it’s the first time you’ve seen it. It’s looking at it with a child like curiosity and excitement. Can you remember some of your firsts? The first time you saw snow, the first time you truly experienced Santa Claus coming or your first time seeing a completely different country. It can be whatever experience comes to mind of experiencing something new and exciting. 

It’s taking the normal and mundane and turning it in an experience of seeing it as new, exciting and seeing the magic within it.

It may feel silly, but don’t judge yourself. Let yourself be free to have that child like curiosity you may have lost somewhere along the way. This is 1 of 3 profound tips to enjoy your quarantine!

2. Start Looking For the Beauty In Everything

Transfiguring means seeing everything you look at and everything you experience as divine and wonderful. This includes people, places and things. Now, everything has pros and cons, but when you start focusing on the positives in everything, you start to notice a powerful and healing shift in yourself. Here are a list of examples you can practice with:

A. Transfigure anyone you are currently living with in your house at the moment. When you interact with them, think about all their amazing qualities and why you love and value them. This includes yourself. This will start to rapidly transform your relationships if you focus on all the beautiful things these people bring to your life. 

B. Transfigure the place you are staying during quarantine. Think about how wonderful your home is, how it protects you from being outside, how it protects you from danger, how it provides comfort and thinks about all the other benefits you have because of it. Then, allow yourself to indulge in the warm and fuzzy feelings that you’ve cultivated.

Maybe take it a step further by visualizing that you are in a luxury villa on an exotic self-care retreat. In the film Don Juan Demarco, Johnny Depp is in a mental hospital in the USA, but instead is experiencing it as a guy who is in a beautiful villa in Spain. He wasn’t crazy, he just chose to embrace his experience as divine and wonderful. He made lemons out of lemonade. He chose to not torture himself since he couldn’t control where he was physically.

Don’t focus on the negatives. We understand there will be some, but the point is to start focusing on the benefits to be more appreciative of it and therefore enjoy it more.

 C. Now, I know this will be hard, but try to transfigure being quarantined. What beautiful things can you recognize that it’s brought into your life? Maybe it’s time with family, maybe it’s time to focus on self-care, maybe it’s time you get to focus on a project or maybe it’s just that you get time to relax. Whatever it is for you, see the beauty in it and remind yourself daily to start making it a habit. Where attention goes, energy grows.

D. Start to transfigure everything. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you can start doing this more frequently, this simple tool can start to mend relationships with yourself and others. It can change the way you experience the challenging times as well as the wonderful times making them that much more beautiful in your eyes.

Get Off Social Media And Stop Watching The News So Much

Since energy grows where attention goes, it’s important to not focus on watching social media and the news all day. Get your updates quickly. I’ve learned that if I am solely focusing on this, I start to freak out. So allot a short amount of time to this activity and then focus your attention on positive things that will help you with your goal of shifting into a healthy mentality. 


Building the habit

Here are some tips to help build these habits:

      1. Make notes around your house and stick the post on the wall to remind you to transfigure or see the world through rose colored glasses. 
      2. Set an alarm in your phone or even put it on your to-do list. 
      3. Make it the background of your phone and computer as wallpaper.
      4. Have an accountability partner to help remind each other and share your experiences. 
      5. Download a Habit Tracker App.
      6. Do it daily,but don’t force yourself to do it for long periods of time if you feel you don’t want to. Even just a few minutes a day is okay to start.


I know that all of this won’t change the fact that Coronavirus is here and heavily impacting all of our lives, but if we can focus on taking small steps like this, we can at least minimize the mental damage something like Covid-19 can evoke. 

We hope you found these 3 profound tips to help you enjoy your quarantine more helpful. If you liked it, please be sure to subscribe to our page for more informative articles like this. Comment and like as well. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoyed

3 Profound Tips To Enjoy Your Quarantine More

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