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Never Wait Again: 3 On-Demand Steps To Never Waiting

Never Wait Again: 3 On-Demand Steps To Never Waiting

Do you hate waiting for things? Do you find yourself getting stressed or impatient? Maybe it’s waiting in a line at a grocery store. Maybe it’s waiting for the unemployment office to answer your call. Maybe it’s waiting for Coronavirus Quarantine to end. Maybe it’s waiting for your pizza delivery to come.
Waiting for things can be downright frustrating and annoying for some people. I want to teach you some tricks to combat waiting so that you never have to feel like you are waiting again. This was a life changer for me. Here are the tricks to never wait again.

How It Works:

Basically, it comes down to a simple mindset shift and changing how you view waiting. It’s not always easy, but with practice it is possible. I’ve been doing this for years. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not so much depending on what I am waiting for. At the end of the day, practice makes progress.
When you are in the mindset of waiting, it presumes the idea that you just want this current moment to be over. When you wait, you are not in current appreciation of the now moment as you are simply waiting for this moment to be done so it can be the future moment.
This is a way for you to wish away very precious moments of life away. When you recognize that you are wishing your life away by hoping that moment passes, it makes you more appreciative of the moment and less irritated. Depending on how you use that moment where you would normally be waiting, you may end up really enjoying that moment.

Here’s An Example:

Let’s use the example of when I am waiting in line at the grocery store:

Step 1: Shift into acceptance of this situation

I’ll say to myself the following: ” I am in line at this store and I can’t control that there is a line. So, I accept that I can’t change this situation. What can I do so that I don’t feel like I am waiting?”.

Step 2: Decide what I am doing instead of simply “waiting”

If you are in line, instead of looking at it as waiting, you can use it as an opportunity to text or call loved ones.
Don’t feel like talking to anyone? I get it, I have those moments where I just don’t feel like chatting too. You could use the time to practice a language on a learning app, you could read a book, listen to an audible book, you could work on writing out a to-do list for later or you could play a game on your phone. Get creative and have a game plan of what you could do when you find yourself in the mindset of waiting.
Is your phone dead? Or maybe you don’t want to pull out your phone due to covid-19 germs. Then, this is an opportunity for you to practice meditation and mindfulness. Practice being truly present at the moment in the here and now. Observe everything around you. Observe what’s going on, what your thoughts are and what you are experiencing. How can you truly be present at this moment?
The options are of course plentiful. The key is shifting and there are so many benefits. Ultimately, you are only “waiting” for something if you choose to wait for something so allow yourself to shift into using it as precious time towards things you enjoy, goals you have and people you love.

Step 3: Appreciate the Moment

I will shift into a space where I am grateful for this time to catch up with xyz or grateful to have talked with my friend to check in on her or catch up or whatever else I chose to do.


If you’re practicing savoring every moment, then you’ll never want to waste a precious moment of it ever again. You’ll be able to make the best of more situations, you won’t have the stress and frustration that normally comes when you consider yourself waiting and you will be able to learn to enjoy simple moments more. If you want more information on this topic, we originally learned this concept through a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. To buy his book, you can click .
Comment below once you give this hack a try and tell us how it goes! As always, so grateful for your support and we hope this was helpful! Be sure to subscribe and like before you leave!


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