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7 Perfect Reasons To Meditate

You’ve heard about it. Here’s your mini-guide!

The Power of Meditation

So you goto the gym and you see all these juicy meatheads running around like animals. What are they doing?
They want to get strong like a bull!  They are essentially training their muscles so those muscles can be bigger/better/stronger than before. Now, they don’t just go into the gym one day and walk out ripped. It takes time and months/years of training to see results. 
Why do I bring up such a simplistic point? The reason is because it’s the same example I use every time someone tells me they can’t meditate or don’t know how. 
When you were a baby, did you instantly know how to walk or talk? NO! It took practice and lots of it. You had to build up those muscles and an understanding  to get it down. Same thing rings true for meditation. It’s simple, but not easy. That’s why we are going to discuss the following 7 perfect reasons to meditate.

7 Benefits to Meditation

Now, why do people meditate anyways? This is what I call a loaded question because there are so many good reasons. Here’s adjust a few:
  1. You will sleep better
  2. You’ll manage stress better
  3. You’ll calm down those  rapid and overwhelming thoughts
  4. You’ll learn to witness your thoughts as if they were on a movie screen vs instantly reacting to every thought without contemplation (yes, I’m talk to the explosive hotheads on this one)
  5. Your ability to focus will be stronger
  6. You will have more clarity
  7. You will feel more inner peace and awareness                                                    
Now, the list goes on and on, but we will stick to these ones for now. Please let these marinate for a second. How would it impact your life if you had the ability to have some control around blowing up in anger when it comes to the people in your life you love most? Think about how much much less harm you would do in the relationships that matter most to you.
 Imagine the impact if you could fall asleep instead of tossing and turning with stressful overwhelming thoughts every night. How much better would your day be if you actually felt fully rested?
There is a reason that meditation practice has been around for ages, 2500+ years to be exact. These 7 perfect reasons to meditate are a GAME CHANGER. You start with 5 minutes a day and work your way up. So for all you people who say you’re too busy to meditate, I’m here to call your bluff. 
You are not so busy that you can’t take 5 minutes. There’s lots of ways to ease in. I recommend an app called “Headspace”. You can easily type in “guided meditation” into YouTube as well. You don’t want to pass up on these 7 perfect reasons to meditate. They are powerful.

How To Meditate

If you’re the type who likes to do things on your own without a guide, then do the following: Sit that toosh down into a chair and place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. The idea is to start slowing your mind down. You have racing, out of control thoughts that you are looking to reduce with this practice. 
Now focus on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. Keep focusing on that and what you will experience is that random thoughts will take your focus away from breathing. Now, please note that it is impossible to stop them from coming for ever. The idea is to notice the thought and shift your attention back to your breathing (do it gently, don’t be hard on yourself for not staying on task with the breathing). Do this for 5 minutes to start.


After you finish, pay attention to how your mind and body feel. Do you feel more peaceful, calm, clear or relaxed? If not, have no fear. You’re brand new at it. Give it a chance and give it some time. Once you get a little practice under your belt, you will reap the many rewards and benefits of meditation.
 Want a little help with your first meditation? Check out this youtube video that will take you through your first guided meditation right here!

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