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Ponder These 4 Fascinating Everyday Miracles for a fun Covid-19 Distraction

Find The Magic in these 4 normally overlooked Miracles

Ponder These 4 Fascinating Everyday Miracles for a fun Covid-19 Distraction

Magic is everywhere, even during Coronavirus. Coronavirus is such a heavy and harsh topic and it can be an endless rabbit hole. So, I wanted to provide you with a positive and cool distraction. I wanted to share with you some common examples of things that are really magical, incredible and fascinating, yet overlooked because it’s something we are used to. These fascinating everyday miracles are pretty mind blowing and this exercise is a fun distraction from the heaviness of Covid-19.

As you go through and read these examples, I want you to spend some moments reflecting on how magical these bullets truly are. Can you learn to see the power, beauty, magic and wonder in each? It’s a great exercise that you can do with anything learning to see the magic in things.

Starting to become aware and present regarding the way we look at things is one of the first steps in starting to experience life in a very powerful and evoking way. It’s a shift to help you get the most out of the experiences you have in life.

Practice by trying to truly processing these 4 fascinating everyday miracles below:


The body heals on its own

The body being able to completely heal itself with such precise balance is pure magic. The body can have an open wound, yet it finds a way to re-close the opening in our body by itself! The physical form of your body changes, bends and heals to be fully functional.

Ability to see color

The beauty and range of all the colors that we see is something incredible that we get to experience. We get to see life in color! Image the entire world was in black and white vs the variety we are blessed with. To take it a step further, have you ever considered that the colors you see are different than the colors others are seeing? Blue to you could be a completely different blue to someone else and what they are seeing through their eyes. Pure Magic.

The five senses

Having the opportunity to experience senses as a whole completely shapes our whole life. We get to taste, smell, touch, see and hear things within our world as we go through it. If these were not part of our experience, imagine how bland our experiences would be. It’s so magical that these are a part of how we live our life. If you take these types of things for granted, you miss out on the magic.


You were born

The miracle of life on earth is mind blowing when you take a moment to think about it. With an infinite universe and with all things being possible, how crazy is it that you happened to be born. During sex, a man releases 100 MILLION sperm to fertilize an egg and only ONE sperm can fertilize that egg which ultimately creates YOU. If it was any other of the sperms that made it to that specific egg first, you would not be here and you would not be you. Talk about starting life out as a winner. Also, how wild and crazy is it to think that you came from something cell size.



Start looking for the magic in everything you do. The magic in walking vs having roots like a tree, the magic of connection with others, the magic of love and emotions in the body. The magic is everywhere. The world is a magical place and it starts with you training your mind to see it. Have fun with it. This is a tool that will help you become more present and will grow your awareness.

Can you find it? Can you see it? Can you experience it? Start to live your life recognizing all the magic that’s weaved in and out of your day. Want some additional inspiration? Click here.

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Fascinating everyday miracles

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