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3 Important Ways to Worry Less

These tips will make your life much easier!

Worry less and save your life!

Anytime I start to worry, I have 3 Important ways to worry less. The world we are living in right now can be so stressful, so having some tools to help calm us down can be a huge help. Worrying is wasted energy and it doesn’t ever help anything. It’s incredibly unhealthy for the body and it makes it more difficult to focus on what actually matters. 
Usually, worry comes in the form of thinking about what could happen in the future. If you base your thoughts on what could happen in the future, it means you are having a hard time staying in the current moment.
The current moment is where your life is taking place so it’s important to stay here. Of course, this is way easier said than done, but again it starts with awareness and practice. This is an opportunity to start building some healthy habits.


Here are some practical tips to calm down:

  1. Take a good look at the issue at hand worrying you. Take a moment to evaluate it. Have you done everything you can to control the controllable aspects? Make sure you’ve stepped up to handle everything you are able to control. 
  2. Take out a pen and paper or even a journal. Get clear about the exact issue. Sometimes the issue is very convoluted in our head and getting it on paper helps us get more clear about the issue at hand and the best possible solution to tackle whatever it is that is worrying us.
  3. I was on a scooter getting a ride back to my hostel in Colombia and the guy was driving really scary and fast. I started worrying about the dangers of driving on a scooter. All the common thoughts started coming in. Why didn’t I take a taxi instead, what if we fell, this was a terrible idea etc. I realized the worrying had gotten the best of me. In that moment, I had two options. Either change the situationget off the bike) or accept it. I chose to accept it. So, how do I accept it? By telling myself the following: “Okay, I chose this path and I can worry, but worrying is not going to change anything in this situation. I’m choosing to stay on this bike so I am letting go of this idea that worrying and stressing will change the outcome.
The outcome will be the outcome no matter what so I am going to just be calm and trust that everything is going to be fine. If it end’s up that its not fine, I will deal with it at that point. For now, its fine so I will maintain my calmness and not ruin this beautiful night riding on a scooter.
I calmed myself down, I allowed myself to relax and just accept/ trust to fully maximize the experience. Guess what? I made it there just fine with no problems, like usual. It was so pointless to worry, like usual.,

In Conclusion:

Seriously though, how many times are we so worried about something “bad” happening and then it turns out just fine? We spent however long stressing ourselves out and at the end it was just us wasting our energy on something that we built up in our head. Our mind does a really good job at being dramatic and making it look and seem way worse than it actually is. This repeating cycle of worrying has not ever provided value in my life so I made a conscious decision to no longer let it control me.
I’ve had repeated proof that worrying always showing up way worse in my head. When a worry shows up, I use the following mantra every time: “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be fine and I trust it’s going to work itself out”. 
Worrying can be paralyzing. When you learn to control your worries, you will be able to enjoy your life so much more. You will experience much more, you will have more peace and you will have the ability to get the most out of life. If you liked this article, feel free to comment below! Thanks for checking out or article on how to worry less!
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