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Girl Gang Talks is a weekly talk we have in Tulum where expert leaders from all over the world lead a conversation to help educate the group on various topics. We cover business, money, personal development, love, relationships, growth mindset and more! You will receive access to 4 new recorded talks every month.

What Every bODY Is Saying

I am awakener of the body’s true potential and a guide to the soul’s most aligned and expressed essence.
-Trained Integrative Trauma Healing Practitioner

-Master Psychosomatic Therapist

-International School of Temple Arts – Advanced Training

-Master Reiki Certification

-International Business Summa Cum Laude

6k In Debt To 7 Figure Entrepreneur

On a mission to help women in business understand how to BE the part, instead of looking the part to make massive impact and income. After organically building her life coaching business to 6-figures (without a website), she then built her holistic health coaching business (MOVE) to 7-figures. As a result of the systems and processes that built that business, it currently runs independently while supporting over 100-women. Melissa transitioned from a job of going through the motions to becoming an entrepreneur and after losing her 4-month old daughter, Leyden, in 2014. She believes that if she could transform her grief and trauma into a life she loves, she can help anyone transform their greatest fears, pains and challenges into their greatest growth. Her podcast on this topic, Grief & Guts, has 100k download win over 60-countries. She, now, focuses her time and energy on business coaching and podcasting helping other women scale in the health, service and healing industries by integrating a balance of passion and service in their offering–to data and systems in their decision making. Most recently, she helped her clients grow from $2,000k to $25,000k months in 6-weeks and helped another quadruple her income in 10-weeks.


Congruent Leadership

Karl Lashkari is a certified Health & Wellness Coach, Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Breathwork Facilitator. Karl co-created and facilitated a men’s group community in San Diego, and has coached men to elevate their wellness, empowered masculine leadership, emotional intelligence, and sexuality. Karl’s focus is on creating physiological change to heal old patterns and develop a congruent living state by utilizing meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices. His teaching is centered around science-backed practices and the real-world application of these practices. Karl’s focus is on a subconscious level – training the brain and body to develop greater awareness to live an intentional life based on purpose and emotional attunement. A multi-year journey recovering from a chronic illness in which he was bed-bound for six months led Karl on this path. His experience creating a new self that better served his ideal reality helped him heal to get his life back, and aligned him to closer to his purpose and true desires.

As above so below

Eileen has filled the role of coach & guide in academic, athletic, personal, and professional spaces. She loves the complex beauty and mystery of humans, and is deeply passionate about helping others find the best version of themselves. She holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Organizational Psychology. She was a competitive athlete through college. She spent 7 years in Boston tech startups doing people|culture|org development work. In her coaching work, she uses astrological|tarot|crystal wisdom, pulls heavily from Jungian psychology, and incorporates meditation|journaling|shadow integration methods. She believes everyone has the innate ability to thrive — to live a life overflowing with love, joy, and prosperity. We get there by exploring & excavating our inner landscape — releasing what no longer serves us, and stepping out into the vast realm of possibility of who we are and what we’re capable of. All it takes is curiosity, courage, unconditional love, and a little guidance.

Connection: Rituals & tools to dive deep

Kelley is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher Trainer who just arrived in beautiful Tulum from San Diego, CA. She is a leader in Empowerment and Body Love specializing in working with women who are healing negative body image & past traumas through movement and plant medicine. Kelley loves to bring fun, creativity and laughter to her sessions and ceremonies while still facilitating deep healing and change. Community and sisterhood are extremely important to her which is why she continues to create a safe space for others to experience their massive shifts. Kelley loved to share wisdom and channeled messages with those are are ready to receive!

Bridging the gap between business and mindset

After a decade of being in a career that was not aligned with him, spending over 12 years as an Oil & Gas Field Engineer, Eduardo decided to do the deep inner work, learning and getting mentored by Travis Fox, Psychology double PHD and Founder of the Architect of Being in order to learn and apply all the theoretical and practical skills to create a new lifestyle and start living an aligned life. Eduardo has been able to maximize on social media, now being able to make a living through Instagram by becoming a branding and social media growth expert. Now, Eduardo is pursuing further projects helping entrepreneurs and businesses brand themselves in order to gain more attention, following and overall exposure resulting in more clientele and costumers. Using social Media, Eduardo has been able to grow his Personal Brand mainly through Instagram and continues to expand and help others create what he calls an “Aligned Lifestyle” by Bridging the Gap between business and lifestyle.

Connecting to your voice

Marni is an international spiritual and personal development guide, motivational speaker, yoga teacher and energy worker who applies ancient wisdom to modern challenges. She has dedicated her life to traveling the world and igniting consciousness through self-realization and cultural immersion and exchange. Previously a management consultant at the largest global consulting firm, she switched gears to fully devote herself to a more “esoteric path” after experiencing burn out. She is passionate about supporting people across all walks of life to find peace and balance. Marni applies ancient traditions – like the chakra system and sound healing- to modern problems – like burn out, fatigue, the search for purpose, stress and anxiety, relationship management, and more! Having been rejected from all of her high school singing groups, Marni went on a decade long personal journey to love trust and reconnect with her voice. Now, she is invited around the world to use her voice as a tool for healing, motivation, and empowerment. She is passionate about helping people to get in touch with themselves to find their balance, clarity, purpose, and their voice!

Creating your impact plan

Eva Peterson is a certified Confidence & Impact Coach. She helps eco and socially conscious women become change makers. In 2017, Eva left her prestigious corporate architecture job in New York City to pursue a career that aligned more fully with her life purpose. Now she empowers clients around the world to overcome self-doubt and fear of failure by developing deep self-trust and a clear impact strategy. Eva believes that change starts within. She holds certifications in life coaching, confidence coaching, and ayurvedic wellness coaching. Therefore, her holistic individual and group coaching programs work on multiple levels – mental, physical, and spiritual. Eva spends her days exploring ancient archeological sites, tweaking her sustainable lifestyle, and working online with her stellar clients.

How to fund-raise your vision

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Conciously create your reality

Empowering, enriching and enhancing individuals through the practice of conscious connecting have become the life’s work of Lifestyle & Brand strategist Anne-Marie Apollonia Martinez. A former nightlife hospitality professional with a background in PR and branding showcased a dark side of the industry compelling her to seek deeper meaning and connection. With over a decade of individual work in the world of wellbeing, human development and spirituality she realized her purpose was to shed light by sharing the tools & resources she learned along the way. A certified life coach, brand strategist and wellbeing consultant she has been able to merge mindset, emotional intelligence and spirituality as a recipe for hacking your current reality by connecting internally, shifting your perception and clearing your vision in order to create a life and business you love.


How to optimize your life business success

Athena is a serial entrepreneur, business and marketing strategist and productivity coach. In 2018 she had a realization that the ‘success’ she was chasing was not making her happy and she set out to change that by giving up drinking, diving into aerial silks, losing 44lbs and in 2019 she decided to leave the life and career she’d built in London behind to literally run away and join the circus. She’s now a digital nomad based in Tulum, Mexico and she helps people uncover the hidden organizational skills that already exist within them to feel UNRESTRICTED, happy and productive. She has over 20 years of working in entertainment sponsorship, licensing, marketing, and events. Her past clients include top global blue-chip companies such as Xbox, Diageo, Just Eat, Microsoft, The UK Government Office for Science, and more. She counts Live Nation, Linkin Park, Guinness World Records, and award-winning Youth Marketing Agency, Livity as former employers. Her upcoming book will be out in early 2021 and she hosts a podcast called UNRESTRICTED Live, which introduces you to the women who are defying societal norms and living life on their own terms.

Dive into your desires for 2021

Derek is a public speaker and conscious living advocate. He is am avid meditator and has been practicing in the style of his buddhist meditation lineage for a decade. He is also very well versed in addiction recovery and runs multiple recovery meetings. He loves the transformative aspects of yoga and meditation and believes in really getting to recognize and map our inner world.

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